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Introductory speech of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the session of the Management Office of the Russian Union for Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Moscow, 16 April 2013


Dear Alexander Nikolaevich,

Dear friends,

I do not think that we should consider each other as a host and a guest today. We have close cooperation in many different forms. We are thankful to many members of the Russian Union for Industrialists and Entrepreneurs who are members of the Business Council at the Russian Foreign Minister. Beside regular sessions, we have working interaction in specific issues. I am glad and thankful for the initiative to conduct an extended session of the Management Office of the RUIE with these members to review not only practical, but also strategic issues, taking into account the interests of the Russian State, diplomacy and business community match: we do not want to feel discrimination at the world arena, in international division of labour, we wish to participate in the solution of global problems, securing stable growth of the global economy on equal grounds. This will help us to find new sources of growth for Russian economy and to increase the level of life of our citizens.

The Cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Russian Union for Industrialists and Entrepreneurs has been in force for 10 years. “A lot of water has flowed under the bridge” during these years, and we have a common feeling that it needs modernization. We gladly support this initiative of the RUIE. In practical affairs, we consider the recommendations that are sent to us by the Union and its members concerning issues of deepening of economic diplomacy and increase of its efficiency. The Foreign Policy Concept approved by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin this February states that economic diplomacy is of priority. We see all the items for effective work – we have support of the state government, “economic” diplomats and representatives of the Russian business have common interests.