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Comment of Russian MFA Official Representative A. K. Lukashevich on Decision of Several States on Expulsion of a Number of Syrian Ambassadors and Diplomats


    A number of states belonging to the so-called ‘Friends of Syria Group’ announced the decision to expel the ambassadors of Syria, and, in some cases, Syrian diplomats in connection with reports about the alleged involvement of Damascus in the tragedy in Hula.

    We can comment on this decision concerning, above all, the bilateral relations of the above states with Syria only in the context of international efforts to promote the peaceful settlement of Syrian crisis. From this perspective, the expulsion of Syrian ambassadors from the capitals of leading Western countries seems to us counterproductive. After all, the most important channels through which it is possible to exchange views and provide constructive impact on the Syrian government in promoting it to take further steps to the implementation of the K. Annan’s plan are now closed. They do not want to hear Damascus, and that, from our point of view, is not good for our task in the current situation.

    It is known that Russia's approaches are based on a different logic. We do everything possible to reduce the degree of confrontation between Syrian parties, and in this regard, we support not only the intensive contacts with Syrian government, but also with various opposition groups some of which we dislike. However, we believe a clear need to act strictly in accordance with the logic of Kofi Annan’s plan approved by the UN Security Council, the alternatives to which we currently do not see.

30 May 2012