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Statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the strikes on the Syrian territory


In connection with the missile and air strikes on the positions of the terrorist organisation the Islamic State in Syria, launched by the United States with support from a number of other countries, Russia would like to note that such actions can be carried out only within the framework of international law.

This implies not a formal unilateral notification of the strikes, but the existence of explicit consent of the Syrian government or a relevant decision by the UN Security Council. Russia’s firm position on this issue was confirmed by President Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 22 September.

Fighting terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa requires coordinated efforts of the international community under the auspices of the United Nations. Attempts to pursue geopolitical objectives and violations of the sovereignty of states in the region can only aggravate tensions and further serve to destabilise the situation.

Moscow has repeatedly warned that those who initiate the unilateral use of force bear full international and legal responsibility for its consequences.

23 September 2014