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Comment of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on establishment of the International Monitoring Mission in Syria by the UN Security Council


    On the initiative of the Russian Federation, on 21 April, the Security Council unanimously passed the resolution for the deployment of UN monitoring mission in Syria.

    Consensus approval of this resolution is critical for the launch of peaceful settlement in Syria based on the plan of special envoy of the UN and League of African States K. Annan.

    The main task of the current stage is to make sure that all parties to the conflict abide by this resolution, firstly, as related to cease of armed violence in any form. The resolution establishes clear limits of responsibility of all the Syrian parties – government and opposition groups – for cease of violence in Syria and need for co-operation with international monitors and special envoy aimed at peaceful settlement of the conflict.

    Besides, it is crucially important that all external players engaged in the Syrian matters act as responsibly as possible. This implies unconditional compliance with provisions of the resolution passed and assistance through relevant work with all the parties to the launch of an inclusive political dialogue aimed at the establishment of a democratic pluralistic state structure in Syria for all the Syrians irrespective of their ethnicity and religious affiliation. Only Syrians must determine the fate of Syria. History shows that external imposition of settlement patterns without regard to national peculiarities and traditions results in destabilization with the worst possible consequences.

    We call upon all the Syrian parties to immediately stop the violence and fully comply with provisions of K. Annan’s plan and requirements of the resolution passed. We once again ask the states who influence the opposition to actively encourage it to act similarly. Russia will actively contribute to this end within the framework of its contacts with the Syrian government and oppositionists.

21 April 2012