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Referendum on Project of New Constitution in Syria


    26 February, the referendum on the project of new constitution took place in Syria. According to preliminary information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Syrian Arab Republic, 60% of the Syrian citizens with a voting right took part in it. According to mass media reports, the majority – 89.4% – supported the project. The voting was carried out throughout the country at 14.5 thousand voting stations. In some places in Homs, Hama, and Idlib provinces armed groups hindered the free expression of will by the citizens.

    Moscow considers the carried out referendum as an important step towards implementation of the current reformation policy of the Syrian government aimed at transformation of Syria into a modern democratic state, extension of human rights and freedoms.

    We would like to remind that the project of new constitution confirms the multi-party principle and cancels the power monopoly of the Ba’ath party. Creation of parties based on ethnical, religious, regional and tribal principles is prohibited. The state undertakes to respect and protect all religious communities. The presidency of one person is limited to two seven-year periods. Any sex, origin, confession, and language discrimination is prohibited.

    We recognize the referendum to be a proof of the people’s support of the reformation policy. The influence of those opposition groups which invoked to boycott the referendum the day before is obviously limited and does not grant them the sole priority to act on behalf of the Syrian people.

    We appeal to all Syrian sides to immediately stop the violence and start the dialogue without any preconditions as soon as possible in order to constructively participate in the reforms and creation of new Syria to the benefit of its entire people.

27 February 2012