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Comment of official representative of the MFA of Russia A. K. Lukashevich on amendments to the agreement between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea on the main parameters of missiles


    We thoroughly monitor all nuances of the situation on the Korean peninsula, first and foremost from the point of view of Russia’s security in the Far East.

    Prospect of expanding the missiles possibilities of the Republic of Korea (RK) was the subject of our dialogue with the South-Korean and American colleagues, although we had not conducted any special consultations on the matter. We reiterate our negative attitude to these intentions of the RK as to such which can lead to further aggravation of military and political situation on the Korean Peninsula and a new round of the arms race. The relevant signals were sent to the American partners.

    It is evident, that there are no universal and legally binding restrictions for implementation of missiles and space programs, including those of military character. At the same time, we remind that Russia has been calling for development of the international legal norms regulating the governments’ actions in the missile sphere for many years. Against this background, the latest steps of the Republic of Korea on increase in its missile potential make the Russian initiative more topical and targeted for globalization of undertakings under the 1987 Russian-American Treaty on liquidation of medium-range and short-range missiles.

    We proceed from the fact that detente of the military and political situation in the North-Eastern Asia is a common task for all regional states. We expect that leaders of the RK will understand the need of inadmissibility of escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula. We hope for strain and responsible behaviour of other countries.

    We still strongly believe, that the real way out to problem-solving is mutual refusal from military methods of security guarantee, renewal of the six-sided negotiation process with the purpose of provision of peace, stability and mutually beneficial collaboration in the countries of North-Eastern Asia. We call on all the interested sides to restrain from any new actions able to further complicate the situation on the Korean Peninsula and to come back to the negotiation table.

October 9, 2012