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Comment of the Information and Press Department of MFA of Russia regarding the situation in and around Syria


    Moscow is continuing to watch the development of the situation in Syria, actively supporting peaceful settlement of the protracted crisis in that country.

    We welcomed the parliamentary elections held in the SAR on 7 May. For the first time for over 50-year period, they had political plurality and competition. According to preliminary information about the half of the citizens gave their votes. The official results will be announced soon. We consider this as a step for implementing necessary reforms. We think that it should be amended and supported by other actions by the government and the opposition to fulfil one of the key points of the UN/LAS Special Envoy K. Annan’s settlement plan - launch of inclusive political process by Syrian people. In this connection, we support efforts of K. Annan and his representatives to consolidate Syrian opposition on the platform of peaceful settlement and extended inter Syrian dialogue.

    The statement of the commander-in-chief of so-called Free Syrian Army spread by several information agencies where he threatened the government troops with attacks on this background causes at least perplexity. We are sure that ceasefire achieved by considerable efforts on 12 April should be observed by all sides.

    As it was noted during the briefing of K. Annan at the UN Security Council on 8 May, the reconciliation in Syria preserved under effective role of UN Mission resulted in lessening of violence and certain soothing of situation in the country. Other aspects of the Special Envoy’s plan are fulfilled. The other day, in particular, the SAR government released several hundreds of participants of anti-government actions, who were not convicted for serious crimes. We proceed from the fact that all points of K. Annan’s plan should be completely fulfilled by the SAR government and this stop deaths and sufferings of civil people.

10 May 2012