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Comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in connection with the approval of «S. Magnitsky law» by the United States Senate


The decision of the United States Senate following the House of Representatives of the United States approved the legislation, which under the false pretenses introduces the visa and financial sanctions against some Russian citizens, is the performance in the theater of the absurd. Whether Washington forgot what year is now, and thinks that the «cold war» has not ended. Or senators carried by self-PR ignore the obvious thing. Every country can close the entry into its territory, to those people it sees fit without the need for any special legislation act.

It is no less strange and wildly to hear human rights complaints turned to us from politicians of the state, in which in the 21-th century there is legalization of the tortures and kidnapping of people around the world. It is tragically that Russian citizens became the victims of such lawless acts.

It looks like that behind ridiculously biased approach taken in the U.S. Congress there is only the vindictive desire to get even for principled, consistent line of Russia in world affairs in favor of strict adherence to international law. We have to reiterate hyperactive opponents of normal development of Russian-American relations: their efforts look pathetic. However, the Russian side will have to respond.

We do not want to refuse of the positive in our bilateral relationship, which has been turned out in recent years not easily. But we should be aware that the law approved by the Senate lead to very negative impact on the prospects of bilateral cooperation. And the responsibility for this, of course, entirely rests with the United States.

December 6, 2012