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Some Aspects of Humanitarian Situation in Syria


    The Russian party continues active efforts to ensure humanitarian support of the civilians in some Homs quarters. We were also focused on the task of the evacuation of French and British journalists as well as the bodies of two deceased representatives of foreign mass media from the city. With this objective in view, the officers of our Embassy in Damascus maintained the contacts with the French diplomatic officials, as well as representatives of the Syrian government. According to our information, the evacuation of the journalists was prepared to be carried out under the auspices of the representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the evening of 27 February.

    At the same time, according to the preliminary information from Syria confirmed by some mass media, the French journalist and her British colleague were in the territory of Lebanon by the end of 28 February where they had been delivered by the fighters. This proves that during all this period the foreign journalists were in the districts controlled by the armed groups and left the territory of Syria, just as they had entered it, without any notification of the official Syrian authorities.

    Such course of the events makes our persistent appeals to all who have the relevant powers to exert the appropriate influence on the Syrian opposition groups and their armed divisions in order to reach immediate cease of slaughter, to relieve the civilians, including Homs population, from suffer, and to ensure settlement of acute humanitarian issue, even more relevant and urgent. We are sure that only the consolidated work of all external parties interested in attaining these objectives both with the Syrian government and the opposition and armed groups will be efficient.

28 February 2012