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Statement of A.K. Lukashevich, Official Representative of MFA of Russia, on Worsening of Humanitarian Situation in Syria


    Moscow is seriously concerned about the ongoing armed conflict between the government forces and armed groups in some Syrian cities, in the first place, Homs, that results in the growing number of victims among Syrian population and foreign journalists. In this regard we support the decision to urgently refer V. Amos, the UN Deputy Secretary-General for humanitarian issues, to Syria. We appeal the Syrian government and armed groups as well as those who can have an effect on them to immediately take all necessary measures to prevent further worsening and collapse of the humanitarian situation and with that end in view to cooperate with the mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross and with V. Amos. Top priority mission now is to provide two-sided immediate cease-fire to evacuate the injured and wounded from Homs and to take prompt actions to satisfy urgent humanitarian needs of the population in conflict areas.

    Moscow also supports the appointment of the UN ex-Secretary-General K. Annan the special envoy of the UN and LAS for the Syrian crisis. We expect actions of this authoritative politician to contribute to solving burning political and humanitarian problems in Syria by cooperation with all the parties in the interests of peaceful settlement through the comprehensive political dialogue between the Syrian government and opposition. Considering K. Annan's mandate, the Russian party is ready to closely cooperate with him to find the mutually acceptable solutions of the abovementioned problems.

24 February 2012