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Statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the international investigation into the causes of the Malaysian plane crash in the Ukrainian air space


As is common knowledge, on the 21 July the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution regarding the holding of an international investigation into the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine. The resolution, in particular, contained an appeal to all the fighting parties to stop military action in the area of the plane crash immediately and to provide access to this area to investigating bodies, the OSCE special monitoring mission in Ukraine and other international organisations, which are providing aid in the investigation.

In violation of this request by the Security Council, Kiev announced in public that it intended to take control of the plane crash area using arms and started a military attack in the area. Representatives of the Donetsk-based international investigation group attempted to reach the crash area and start their work several times.

On the 28 July, the Russian delegation drew the attention of its UNSC partners to this evident fact of violation of the Council’s requests by Kiev and proposed to agree a press release in the Security Council reminding everyone of resolution 2166, primarily paragraph 7, where an immediate stop to military action in the area of the plane wreckage is requested. Unfortunately, our initiative was shamelessly blocked by US, UK and Lithuanian representatives.

This is another attempt to white wash over the Kiev authorities’ actions, which prevents a truly independent and impartial international investigation into the circumstances of this tragedy.

29 July 2014