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About the session of the UK-Russia Strategic Dialogue in the format of the meeting of foreign and defence ministers of the UK and Russia


    On 13 March the first session of the UK-Russia Strategic Dialogue with participation of foreign and defence ministers of both countries was held. At the event, the Russian party was represented by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu.

    During the meeting a mutual understanding was reached that this format must become a significant mechanism of a political dialogue and practical interaction of Russia and the UK in issues of foreign policy and defence aimed at contributing to a deeper discussion and coordination of positions in the most topical issues of the international agenda, as well as bilateral military and political cooperation. A Joint Statement about the establishment of a Strategic dialogue was adopted.

    The problems of the current situation in the Middle East, around Syria and in the Arab world in general was in the focus of the discussion. Ministers had a meaningful and businesslike talk about Afghanistan, the Nuclear Program of Iran, problems of development of European security, including European AMD, as well as other topical problems of the global policy that are of common interest.

    Foreign and defence ministers also conducted separate meetings during which they discussed in detail the state and the prospects of development of the UK-Russia cooperation, as well as military, and military and technical interaction.

    Summarizing bilateral negotiations of Sergey Lavrov with the Head of Foreign Office William Hague a Plan of mutual consultation of foreign ministries for the current year was signed and a Joint Statement regarding conduct of a bilateral year of Russia and the UK in 2014 was adopted.

    The next session of the Strategic Dialogue will be held in order of precedence in Moscow in 2014.

14 March 2013