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Comment of Official Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia A.K. Lukashevich on the Question of Interfax related to the statement made by Representative of so-called Free Syrian Army S.Al-Kurdi


Question: How can you comment on the statement of representative of so-called Free Syrian Army Sami Al-Kurdi related to the refusal to further comply with the plan of K.Annan, as well as on his call for bringing of peacekeeping forces of the UN to Syria and formation of the air-exclusion zone above the territory of country?

Answer: Such statements raise very serious concerns. In fact, it means that an armed part of oppositionists rejected their obligations concerning implementation of the plan of K.Annan on peaceful solution of problems in Syria approved by the Security Council of the UN. The most important milestone on this path – suspension of arms achieved on 12 April of this year - is ignored. We can see that they try to reduce to zero international efforts aimed to facilitate the conversion from confrontation to the political process, including the activities of the UN Supervision Mission in Syria the large-scale implementation of which under Resolution 2043 of the UN Security Council ended on a recent day.

We have to acknowledge that there is a tendency in place, which is bad and dangerous. In addition to the statements specified, one more illegal armed organization – so-called Syrian rebel army with the size of allegedly 12,000 rebels was announced to have been founded on 4 June. Besides the words, there is a “field situation”. Militants trying to oppose the cease of arms kill everyday 20 to 30 soldiers and officers of the regular Syrian army. How can this correlate to that S. Kurdi’s call for bringing of peacekeeping forces to Syria? And we should have learnt the lesson of formation of the air-exclusion zone based on the situation with Libya.

It is clear that such scenario is possible when illegal armed forces obtain moral support from beyond and are provided with arms, munitions and money. We have repeatedly brought attention to the inadmissibility of such situation, we have been calling for all Syrian parties as well as external forces to act strictly within the logics of K.Annan’s plan, to give a square deal and not to use a short ceasefire break for enlarging militants’ potential. We think that leading capitals of the world are aware of the whole danger and immorality of actions related to the preparation of even more large-scale slaughter in Syria, forcing that country to initiate a civil conflict which can spread beyond its territory and spill blood on the whole Middle East.

5 June 2012