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Russian MFA Spokesman Andrei Nesterenko Response to Media Query Regarding the Recent Georgian Imedi TV Broadcast


Question: Please comment on the mock report about a war between Russia and Georgia in progress that was broadcast by Georgia’s Imedi TV.

Answer: The Imedi act was irresponsible and immoral, especially in terms of Georgian society where it triggered an easily explicable panic. One can understand the wave of anger that rose in the country. Catholicos Patriarch Ilia II, opposition leaders, human rights activists expressed their condemnation, as did the mass of people who gathered outside the Imedi TV studios to protest. Opinion is widespread in Georgia that the provocation could not have been prepared without a nod from the authorities.

But then, the Georgian president does not hide his approving attitude towards the scandalous broadcast, whose script he called “very close to reality.”

And the last point. The provocative newscast has inflicted quite specific harm upon security and stability in the region, greatly increasing the degree of tension in an already complicated situation. We expect that the European observers working in Georgia, as well as the entire international community, will give a principled assessment of this.

Political paranoia never did any good. It never solved any serious problems in any state.

March 15, 2010