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Russian MFA Information and Press Department Commentary on Plans to Deploy US Missile Defense System Elements in Romania


Moscow has noted the statement of President Traian Basescu on consent to place land-based missile interceptors in Romania as part of the decision announced by the US administration on September 17, 2009 on the upcoming deployment of an American antimissile presence in Europe.

This is a serious matter which we will carefully analyze.

Some time ago the US administration made public its plans to realize a “phased, adaptive approach” envisaging, in particular, deployments of elements of nonstrategic missile defense systems in different parts of the world. It is obvious that such plans affect military-technical, operational, political, geopolitical, international legal and many other aspects.

Of course, we have certain concerns in this regard. There is a need to get explanations. We are going to raise all this in contacts with the American and European partners.

We would like to re-emphasize that our principled approach to this set of questions rests on the assumption that there is a need for a preliminary joint assessment of the missile challenges that may arise. It will then be possible to work out methods to prevent those challenges from developing into real missile threats. This primarily means politico-diplomatic and economic measures. Should real threats originate it will also be possible to consider joint military-technical ways of response. But to start from this would be politically and economically costly.

Carefully weighed collective actions on principles of equal and indivisible security for all states without exception are required to maintain peace and stability in Europe. Other approaches could inflict harm upon the interests of reinforcing European and global security.

February 5, 2010